I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Media Arts and Technology Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I conduct research on new frontiers in haptics in the RE Touch Lab, directed by Prof. Yon Visell. Publications by me and my colleagues have received several accolades, including two best paper awards for research on wave-mediated haptics (IEEE Haptics Symposium, 2020; IEEE World Haptics Conference, 2023), an honorable mention for research on wearable technologies for tactile sign language (IEEE Haptics Symposium, 2022), and an honorable mention for research on tactile augmented reality technologies (IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 2022).

Prior to working on haptics, I worked on spatial audio in the Music and Auditory Research Lab at New York University where I received a M.Mus. in Music Technology in 2018. I received my B.S. in Applied Mathematics-Economics from Brown University in 2016.

Research Overview

My research interests include haptic science and engineering at the intersection of mechanics, computation, and perception. My current research focuses on controlling the propagation of mechanical waves for rendering new forms of vibration feedback on touch surfaces. I use the tools I have gained from my varied academic background to engineer novel haptic devices, develop algorithms for rendering touch feedback, and design perception studies for evaluating sensations.

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July 2023 - Our paper "Rendering Dynamic Source Motion in Surface Haptics via Wave Focusing" (Reardon, Goetz, Linnander, Visell) won the Best Transactions on Haptics Short Journal Paper at the 2023 IEEE World Haptics Conference. My presentation of this paper was also nominated for Best Presentation at the conference.

July 2023 - Congratulations to my co-first author Dustin Goetz on a great presentation of our paper "Dynamic Feedback in Wave-Mediated Surface Haptics: A Modular Platform" (Goetz*, Reardon*, Linnander, Visell) at the 2023 IEEE World Haptics Conference in Delft, Netherlands!

July 2023 - Congratulations to my co-author Neeli Tummala for receiving a Best Presentation Award at the 2023 Festival of Touch for her upcoming work "Biomechanical Filtering diversifies whole-hand tactile encoding" (Tummala, Reardon, Dandu, Shao, Saal, Visell).

June 2023 - Our paper "Ferrofluid Electromagnetic Actuators for High Fidelity Haptic Feedback" (Kastor, Dandu, Bassari, Reardon, Visell) was published in Sensors and Actuators. Check it out on open access!

March 2023 - Our paper "Shear Shock Waves Mediate Haptic Holography via Focused Ultrasound" (Reardon, Dandu, Shao, Visell) was published in Science Advances. Check it out on open access!

March 2022 - Our paper "A Smart Bracelet Supporting Tactile Communication on Interaction" (Dinulescu, Tummala, Reardon, Dandu, Goetz, Topp, Visell) was awarded Best Technical Paper Runner Up at the 2022IEEE Haptics Symposium.

March 2022 - Our paper "Tactile Echoes: Multisensory Augmented Reality for the Finger" (Kawazoe, Reardon, Woo, Di Luca, Visell) was awarded Best Application Paper Finalist by IEEE Transactions of Haptics.

March 2022 - The conference I helped organize as Web Chair went extremely well! Congratulations to all involved! You can find the archived livestream of the 2022 IEEE Haptics Symposium on the conference website here.

March 2020 - Our paper "Elastowave: Tactile Haptic Feedback in a Soft Haptic Interface" (Reardon, Kastor, Shao, Visell) won Best Technical Paper at the 2020 IEEE Haptics Symposium. My presentation of this paper was also awarded Best Presentation Honorable Mention at the conference.

March 2020 - Congratulations to my co-author Taku Hachisu for receiving a Best Presentation Honorable Mention at the 2020 IEEE Haptics Symposium for his work "Interpersonal Vibrotactile Feedback via Waves Transmitted through the Skin: Mechanics and Perception" (Hachisu, Reardon, Shao, Suzuki, Visell).